The Sufi

The beloved shines like the sun,
The lover turns like an atom.
When the spring breeze of love blows
Any branch that is not dry starts dancing.

As long as the face of the sun shines,
The Sufi dances like the atom.
It is said that it is Satan who misled him:
This satan is subtle, and it is the life of the soul!

By your love I go with my head high
By your desire, I walk incessantly.
They say, “Around Him, you turn.”
Ignorant! I turn around myself.

Every bite that turns in my mouth
Is assimilated, its substance becomes life.
That is why the firmament, the sun and
the moon:
That what is secret is manifested.

O day, arise, the atoms dance,
Souls, of joy, without head or feet dance,
The one for whom the firmament and the atmosphere dance,
In my ear, I will tell you where the dance leads.

The day that picture that delights the heart dances.
What can a soul do? While one hundred worlds dance,
With each melody played in the abode of the heart,
The poor wretched body also dances.

May your voice be tuned to the tune of our heart,
May she be, day and night, eloquent and joyful.
If your voice is weary, we too will be tired.
Let your voice be like the flute with sweet melodies.

Djalal Od Din Rumi