The Spirit of Childhood


Yesterday I played with my son the game of goose ” Colette Gardens “, created by Sabine (of Phytospiritualit√© ) and that I had not yet well explored. It is a symbolic and initiatory journey proposed from wonderful passages of the work of Colette, which are read and which are impregnated to each square of the game.


The box “9” remained in my heart:

The Key of Eden:

“House and garden still live, I know, but that matter, if the magic has left them, so the secret is lost that opened -light, smells, harmony of trees and birds, murmur of human voices that has already suspended death – a world I have ceased to be worthy? ”


The house of Claudine


Exercise 9:

“Like child Colette, try to find the magical consciousness of the little child who does not feel separated from the world.For that, close your eyes and think of a place of your childhood that amazed you.
Let the atmosphere of this place return to you.
Feel in you the desire to find the “secret”, the key that reopens this childish consciousn.


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